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Project delivering 60 million workbooks receives top honour

By 29th December 2014May 4th, 2017No Comments

A joint venture which printed, warehoused and delivered 60 million workbooks to 25 700 public schools over 90 days received top honours at the 2014 Logistic Achiever Awards.

The platinum award was presented to the members of the joint venture, including the Paarl Media Group, Lebone Litho, and UTI for distinction in logistics and supply chain management in the integration of the printing, warehousing and distribution of workbooks to public schools.

The annual Logistic Achiever Awards recognise professionalism and excellence in the correct application of strategic, tactical and operational logistics and supply chain management principles, concepts and practices in southern Africa.

“This indeed is a testament on how public-private partnerships can work successfully in the betterment of education. This prestigious award aims to create a greater awareness and understanding of the value of effective logistics and supply chain management,” says Mike Ehret, executive director: business development at the Paarl Media Group.

“Driven and funded by the Department of Basic Education, the workbooks are key learning aids that guides learners and educators through the subject matter using a variety of reading, writing and numeracy exercises. This learning material is adaptable for any learning environment and makes teaching in classrooms much easier. The workbook project is far reaching as it extends to schools in urban and remote rural areas across the country,” continues Ehret.

“The capacity to achieve award-winning logistical results is made possible by having effective partnerships in place. As part of the joint venture, the Paarl Media Group is proud to be receiving the prestigious platinum award. This is proof of how excellence in education service delivery can be achieved,” concludes Ehret.18