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Corporate Social Investment

Building strong foundations for future growth.

At Novus Holdings, we are actively committed to making a sustainable difference in the communities in which we operate, and doing so through upliftment, upskilling and training.

In 2014, we established our Future Foundations initiative as the umbrella under which our socio-economic development (SED) and corporate social investment (CSI) projects are covered.

At the heart of this initiative is the idea of providing a hand up, not a hand-out. The Future Foundations initiative thereby supports projects that provide beneficiaries with the right tools to empower themselves so to inspire others and positively transform communities.

Learn more about our Future Foundations Initiative.

Group CSI Projects.

We encourage each of our entities across South Africa to take ownership of driving social investment activities in their surrounding communities. All projects are governed by central guidelines and primarily focused on education.


Rooted in the belief that education is a mechanism for upliftment and that the private sector has the responsibility to assist in developing future leaders, the Paarl Media Bursary Fund Trust annually supports promising school-leavers who require financial assistance to study in the field of their choice.


This sustainable community development project was created by the non-profit organisation, Call 2 Care. The iGardi Project teaches underprivileged communities to build cost-effective food gardens, allowing them to grow their own nutritious food sustainably. Food gardens at schools are a manner of alleviating the hunger of communities and their children and reducing their dependence on feeding schemes by allowing them to become self-reliant.


The combination of our passion for the print industry and the shortage of specialised skills in the marketplace prompted us to establish the Novus Academy in 2011. Today it’s recognised as an internationally accredited training institution that offers advanced training and education programmes.

Through its Apprenticeship programmes, Novus Academy offers successful applicants an opportunity to earn an income while working towards an internationally certified trade qualification.


Novus Holdings partnered with the New Africa Education Foundation (NAEF) with the introduction of an innovative mobile library solution that has been making great strides towards improving literacy in less privileged communities. Since 2017, the Group has been sponsoring schools across the country with mobile libraries which can be wheeled from one classroom to another, making reading material easily accessible to all learners. Underpinning Novus Holdings’ involvement in this initiative is the core belief that access to stimulating reading material gives learners the best chance of success as they go through their schooling years. This helps to establish a reading culture, which is fundamental for learning.