Novus Print


With continued and substantial investment since 2000, our plants are equipped with the most advanced equipment available in all areas including pre-press, press and post-press.

The on-going implementation of faster, state-of-the-art technology ensures highly efficient, fully automated production processes that deliver quick, high quality printing of almost any format.

The printing processes offered by Novus Print have their specific advantages. The best suited print process depends on the type of publication that is being printed.

The Power of Print.

To read more facts highlighting the value that print plays
in society, please view our Power of Print Info Sheet.


Print Production Process.

From gravure to heatset web offset, sheet-fed to coldset, our ongoing investment in world-leading printing technology and presses positions Novus Print as a leading print supplier in South Africa and on the continent. Our print technology focus is complemented by a rigorous process focus and client-first approach.

Print Products & Services.

From education to retail, government to media – Novus Print services the print needs of clients across multiple sectors. Whether it is newspapers, books or magazines, personalised catalogues, flyers or brochures, we replicate it pixel-perfect, time after time.

Accolades & Highlights.

An unremittant focus on excellence – every day, in everything we do. This forms the bedrock of Novus Holdings. Over the years our efforts have paid off, with numerous local and international awards, not just for the quality of our work, but for our environmentally conscious business approach.

Novus Print Rebrand.

As a future-focused organisation, we have to be connected, agile, and customer focused, in order to stay relevant, maintain our position of strength within the market, and adapt to the rapidly changing needs of our customers. 

With all our print companies unified under the Novus Print umbrella, we will be more connected, speak with one voice and build an innovative company that is ready to expand into new markets and move print forward.

This new collaborative Novus Print structure allows us to maximise efficiencies, facilitate synergies across our plants and most importantly, unlock more value for our customers in this evolving environment.


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