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Label Printing Solutions

Novus Labels.

As a business, we pride ourselves on being involved in our customers’ processes and understanding the type of end user experience they wish to achieve with their products. Our experienced teams provide specialist advice on how best to present your label. We will guide you on the best possible substrate, adhesive, ink and print process combination that will ensure the label performs as required through the filling, labelling, distribution and retail of the product.

Labels and the labelling process is a highly technical space with many aspects to consider. Coupled with this, each market and product has its own unique set of requirements in terms of performance and compliance. Our ongoing investment in the latest label printing technology, combined with our commitment to always be innovative, positions Novus Labels as South Africa’s label supplier of choice.

For more information, visit the Novus Labels website.

Product Offering.

For high quality labelling solutions, Novus Labels and its specialised facilities offers an array of options leaving you spoilt for choice. Our wealth of experience and extensive capabilities will ensure that our labels add the finishing touch to perfectly match your product.

At Novus Labels we lead the way with added value and smart solutions enabling us to produce labels that meet our customers’ every need.

Wet-glue labels.

Wet-glue labels are paper-based labels that are more commonly used in medium to high volume environments. Wet-glue labels are predominantly used in the beverage market for beer, wine and spirit labelling.

Wrap-around labels.

In addition to our existing portfolio of wet-glue label solutions, Novus Labels offers wrap-around labels (WAL) servicing the carbonated soft drink market and bottle water market.

Pressure sensitive labels.

Adding to our formidable printing and finishing capabilities, our investment in advanced gravure printed wide web PSL equipment places Novus Labels at the forefront of the labels and packaging market.  We pride ourselves in being innovative and offering unrivalled quality for long-runs with impressive turnaround times.