Our Heritage

Novus Holdings has a rich history that amounts to over 100 years of combined experience.

The company emerged from the Paarl Media Group, which was established at the turn of the millennium.

View the journey that defined the Paarl Media Group and created the path for Novus Holdings:


Paarl Media founded

The new millennium arrives and the Paarl Media Group is founded.


Acquisition consolidated

National Book Printers and Paarl Print are consolidated after their acquisition in the previous year. The new division is known as Paarl Printing.


New Printing Presses

Several new printing presses are introduced around this time to improve quality and efficiency. Among them is a 16-page manroland ROTOMAN press with a print speed of up to 65 000 full colour copies per hour. Paarl Gravure acquires a three-storey high, 72-page Cerutti gravure press with a print speed of three million pages per hour as well as three new manroland sheetfed presses: a 901/1; a Geoman; and, a Uniset.


Environment Strategy adopted

In the face of rapid industry expansion, Paarl Media Group adopts a strategy to reduce its impact on the environment. A considerable investment saw Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTO) installed on all web presses at its facilities in Cape Town, Paarl and Gauteng.

New presses are installed at Paarl Media Gauteng.

Paarl Labels is established as a separate entity.


Colour Revolution

The Paarl Media Group leads a modern colour revolution with the QuadTech Colour Control system. The system allows for automatic colour adjustment throughout a print run while maintaining consistent quality on the web offset presses.


Expanding into KwaZulu-Natal

A new printing factory is established in KwaZulu-Natal, allowing us to better serve and respond to the increasing needs of customers in that region.


Automation processes improved

Substantial investment is made to ramp up automation of processes. A new Virtual Press Proofing system allows for online changes and approval via a secure website, speeding up the process and giving our customers full control of their material.


Paarl Media Commercial

Paarl Media Commercial is established. Located in City Deep Johannesburg, the division caters for customers seeking a reasonable quality heatset product at the most competitive price.

Expansion of manufacturing operations places greater focus on harnessing the potential of waste paper. As a result, the Paarl Media Group acquires the Correll Tissue factory in KwaZulu-Natal, which allows the company to convert paper waste from printing operations into tissue paper.

Our Biomass Boiler comes into operation. Situated at the company’s main Cape Town premises, the boiler uses sustainable biomass to generate steam that powers the flagship plant’s gravure printing presses.


Technology Diversification

Continued diversification through technology and expansion in to Africa leads to Paarl Media Group to be re-branded under the banner of Novus Holdings.

Two months after listing on the JSE, the Group announced the acquisition of Digital Print Solutions and the birth of Paarl Media digital print division. The introduction of the digital print division was to position the Group to take advantage of the global digital trend and strengthen our print services offering.


New Entity

Amalgamation of the Paarl Media Paarl facility and Digital Print Solutions to form Novus Print Solutions which offers advanced print production and data design solutions.


Advancing Industry Skills

The Novus Academy is recognised at the FP&M SETA Skills Development Recognition Awards 2014/2015 for Best Practice Workplace Provider in the Apprenticeships category.