Novus Tissue


As our primary tissue paper manufacturing plant, Novus Tissue allows the Group to expand its manufacturing operations in the paper industry by harnessing the potential of waste paper (produced by the extensive printing operations of the Group), in the production of tissue paper.

Novus Tissue’s facilities feature an environmentally friendly paper mill, large storage facilities and a convenient national distribution network. Novus Tissue continues to deliver exceptional quality tissue, using the best available technology in cost-effective formats to meet increasing consumer demand.

Novus Tissue manufactures quality bulk tissue and jumbo wadding products. These are used by other manufacturers who convert the tissue into a complete range of household and consumer products such as toilet paper, facial tissue, kitchen towels and serviettes.

Tissue grade.

Novus Tissue offers various tissue paper grades to suit our clients’ specific needs, available in the following ranges:

  • Recycled
  • Virgin
  • Roller Towel

Capacity | Capabilities.

Our paper mill comprises two tissue machines:

  • A 2.75m-wide paper machine with a capacity of 70 tons/day recycled tissue and can function at speeds of 900m/minute.
  • A 2.45m-wide paper machine with a capacity of 30 tons/day virgin tissue and can function at speeds of 600m/minute.
  • The jumbo wadding products are 2.65m in width.

Green practices.

  • Novus Tissue produces 2-ply recycled tissue paper by harnessing the potential of waste paper.
  • Two biomass boilers have been commissioned for efficient energy use.
  • Novus Tissue has two 4.5 ton Biomass Boilers on site. The steam generated from these two boilers is used to aid the drying of the tissue paper.