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Paarl Media Group Growing by Leaps and Bounds

By 17th July 2014May 4th, 2017No Comments

The Paarl Media Group is expanding and venturing into new markets, appealing to new consumers, and becoming even more competitive in the print industry every day. With 12 specialised printing operations nationwide, the Group services the country through its printing of all medium to long run requirements of magazines, retail inserts, catalogues, books, newspapers, commercial work, labels and educational materials.

Introducing Paarl Media Commercial, a business unit designed to attract cost-conscious clients that are looking for a reasonable quality heatset product at the very best price. Perfectly positioned between the current coldset and heatset services, Paarl Media Commercial is set to target a whole new market segment.

“Diversification is important and our strategic minds at Paarl Media are always on the lookout for ways to improve our offering and finding ways to utilise machines in innovative ways during down time to maximise efficiency,” says Neel Naicker, managing director of Paarl Media Commercial.

“The Uniset Hybrid Press at Paarl Media Commercial is capable of producing high quality coldset products as well as mid-level heatset quality products, opening the door for a host of additional services,” explains Naicker.

The quality of the products this press is capable of producing is of a higher quality to regular coldset products as its heatset properties allow for a much finer screen ruling. This results in higher resolution print quality and a crisper look and feel.

Conrad Rademeyer, executive director for Paarl Coldset, says, “Paarl Media Commercial is managed by Paarl Coldset, has the full backup and support structure of the Paarl Media Group and will be able to draw from their wealth of expertise”.

“The technology of the Uniset Hybrid Press at Paarl Media Commercial uses the basis and configuration of coldset printing presses but incorporates the capabilities of heatset printing presses. It is made up of two printing towers, each tower consisting of four vertically arranged printing colour units. It has two dryers incorporating heatset printing capabilities which are fed,” says Rademeyer.

This tower configuration of the Paarl Media Commercial Hybrid Press provides great flexibility in terms of the products it can produce as it has both coldset and heatset capabilities. It does however differ from a Paarl Media heatset press as it has colour register control systems, as in heatset presses but controls colour density manually.

The Uniset Hybrid press is suited to brochures, advertising pamphlets, niche trade magazines, textbooks and workbooks.