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Covering all bases in Labelling

By 11th April 2010May 5th, 2017No Comments

According to MD Callie de Wet, the stronger Rand is blurring the profit scenario for most wine exporters and therefore the wine label converters are seeing a clear division between finding cost-effective solutions for the high-volume/low price producers and the technologically advanced innovations to enhance the wines in the premium and super premium price ranges.

“Without the drive to develop new ideas for both sides of the price wall, the label printer may well find himself empty-handed in the market place, except for the old suicidal price-cutting trick.” Since becoming a ‘stand-alone’ company in the Paarl Media stable in April 2006, Paarl Labels has invested heavily in equipment, time and new materials to find market-related solutions for all price categories and since most of their business is done in the wine industry, Callie keeps a close eye on his client’s needs, creativity in his company and excellent service levels.

“When it comes to finding innovative solutions, you have to rely on people with a zest for change and thinking fresh, guys like Paarl Labels print manager Gavin Burrows, the team from the pre-press department and quality and development offi cer Erick Carstens,” says Callie.