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Personalised service has always been at the core of our Group’s customer service commitment, with “Where printing is personal” being a long-standing slogan that the Novus brand has lived by through many years from Paarl Print, to Paarl Media to Novus Print as we are today.

While “Where printing is personal” keeps us true to who we are and what we stand for, we find it important to test ourselves against what our customers say and as such we commissioned Greenfields Research survey specialists to conduct a survey.

To better understand our customer’s businesses, as well as all the elements and issues that are critical to their success, this survey was focused on:

  • Assessing satisfaction of customers with services received;
  • Understanding customer recommendations to improve services; and
  • Understanding which factors influence customer satisfaction positively or negatively.

The main attributes as to why customers do business with us as highlighted by the survey, included:

  • Service
  • Turnaround times (Reliability)
  • Product quality

The survey also revealed that the main drivers of overall customer satisfaction included communication, followed by the understanding and accommodation of needs, as well as prompt or efficient service.

Delivering communication and support during COVID-19


during covid

As many service-focused businesses have realised, post pandemic and after having adjusted to our new normal in the business environment, it’s now more important than ever for companies to stay connected to their customers – to truly understand their requirements and deliver a consistent and satisfying experience with every interaction, taking each detail very seriously.

Overall, 84% of the survey respondents had received relevant and informative communication from Novus Holdings regarding business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 90% of these respondents reporting that they were satisfied with this communication.

The majority of customers also felt that as a business we provided good service, as well as good communication during the pandemic and national lockdown period.

Why customer satisfaction and experience are important

customer experience

In simple words, customer satisfaction is a measurement that determines how well a company’s products or services meet customer expectations. As for customer experience, this refers to customers’ perception of how a company treats them – it affects their behaviours, build memories and feelings which drive their loyalty. Customers no longer base their loyalty on price or product, they stay loyal with companies due to the experience they receive. 

Providing value – what customers generally are looking for:

  • Excellent communication and interaction
  • Fast turnaround times with respect to quotes
  • Reliability for deliveries (i.e. on time)
  • Trust and confidentiality
  • High product quality
  • Ease of contact
  • Speed of communication
  • Expertise and knowledge in understanding their needs
  • Personalised service
  • Pricing (competitive)

Always room for improvement

Customer centricity is an indispensable element of every successful business – and why all companies should focus on continuously improving customer satisfaction.

As a business, we has always been focused on personalised service and building long-standing relationships with our customers. We also know that excellent customer service is not a one-person show. It’s a company-wide effort that requires everyone to be on board and committed to best practices and delivering excellent results.

Our passion for what we do connects us with our customers, so much so that we care about their businesses and successes in the way that they do. We will always remain committed to walk the path with each one of our customers, every step of the way.

Such survey’s reveal great insights as to how we have been walking the path with our customers, and can better walk the path with them. As such, when you are invited to participate in our next survey, we truly encourage you to share your insights and feedback, and help us deliver the service that you have been accustomed to with our business, and also further improve.