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Novus Holdings, leading print and manufacturing professionals, is pleased to announce the transfer of Jandré De Milander from his position as Group Executive: Operations to Group Executive: Labels and Tissue, effective 1 April 2015. Novus Holdings recently listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and operates 11 specialised printing plants and one tissue plant across South Africa.

Jandré joined Novus Holdings in 2000 as the financial manager for Paarl Gravure and in April 2006 Jandré was promoted to managing director of the greenfields site Paarl Web Gauteng, known today as Paarl Media Gauteng.

After six successful years at Paarl Media Gauteng, Jandre was promoted as executive director: operations at Novus Holdings. Print on packaging at Paarl Labels and tissue manufacturing undertaken at Correll are major areas of diversification and capitalisation for Novus Holdings.

“Jandré is tasked with ensuring the successful completion of both the current round of capitalisation and the successful commercialisation of both the print on packaging and Correll divisions inside Novus Holdings. This will be done together with Luke Papadopoulos, managing director of Paarl Labels and Aaron Ganesh, managing director of Correll Tissue,” says Stephen Van Der Walt, CEO, Novus Holdings.

“Currently we are looking to enhance capacity in self-adhesive labels, wet glue labels and tissue manufacturing as market share is gained. This is a substantial part of our new business and diversification process,” concludes Van Der Walt.