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Types of Printing

The printing processes offered by Novus Print have their specific advantages.
The best suited print process depends on the type of publication that is being printed.


Publication Gravure printing.

Novus Prints’ investment in its publication gravure presses have allowed the division to provide more than 12 000 format possibilities with regards to product size and pagination as well as a wide variety of paper – from 32gsm catalogue to 115gsm high-quality coated stock.

This technology, based at our Cape Town plant, provides for flexibility across an extensive range of formats and
pagination options.

The 72-page Cerutti includes broadsheet and inline finishing capability, with its unique dual folder system providing additional production flexibility. It is also the fastest press in Africa – printing 2.5 million A4 pages per hour.

Our two 48-page publication gravure presses include inline finishing and broadsheet capabilities. The new generation 72-page Cerutti Rotogravure Publication Aurora press offers greater efficiency, improved colour quality and consistency with advanced register and ink controls.

  • QuadTech Register Guidance System for highest quality printing
  • Visco controls ensure optimum ink viscosity for quality results

Heatset Web Offset printing.

Heatset web offset printing is used for medium to high-volume magazines, retail inserts, catalogues and brochures.

By using a combination of presses we offer quick make-ready and flexible formats from A4, A5, tabloid, broadsheet and delta sizes. High quality coated, uncoated or mechanical and newsprint paper, ranging in thickness from 40gsm to 200gsm, can be accommodated.

The presses, located Gauteng and the Western Cape are equipped with a QuadTech Colour Control system, Brünner Flight Instrument Control, Multicam cut-off and Register Control System, which simultaneously manage dot gains, mid-tones and grey balance. Each print copy matches the signed-off proofs according to ISO certified standards.

A Heatset Web Offset press is also able to print alcohol-free, a more environmentally friendly process.

Manroland Web Systems printing technology is installed at all plants, ranging from 16-page Rotomans to an 64-page Lithoman, all featuring colour control systems with speeds of up to 65 000 full colour copies per hour.

Sheet-fed printing.

Our high performance sheet-fed presses use environmentally friendly inks and varnish, offering flexibility while still delivering high quality results.

The high-performance inking system and fully automated plate changing ensures a reduction in job changeover time. The double-sized perfecting cylinder systems and unique sheet path design result in smooth, consistent sheet, high register accuracy and provide superb quality double-sided printing. Reel-to-sheet systems reduce turnaround times. Our 64-page manroland 901/1 backprinter is used for high speed, cost efficient single colour book printing.

Digital Inkjet printing.

With our investment in digital inkjet equipment situated at one of our heatset plants, Novus Print can now offer an extensive range of solutions to publishers along with a wide spectrum of short- to-medium run books, magazines, commercial advertising brochures, pamphlets and variable data solutions to clients across the African continent and further afield.

Our digital inkjet offering allows for on-demand printing, short turnaround times, and even a modification of the image (variable data) used for each impression (data segmentation resulting in increased market penetration).

Inkjet printing offers more competitive pricing on low to medium size runs compared to traditional printing methods, the price is usually offset by avoiding the costs associated with making printing plates. Digital printing is almost at the point where it can match offset printing’s ability to produce larger print runs of several thousand sheets at a low price, while still offering the above mentioned benefits.

Digital Cut-sheet printing.

Our highly efficient, high-volume digital cut-sheet presses, located at Novus Print: Montague Gardens, offers consistent quality and productivity and ensure that as a business, we are able to turn work around as quickly and efficiently as required.

In addition to the fast turn-around times, our cut-sheet presses have the capability of running as low as 70gsm, or up to 300gsm cover stock, providing customers with greater variety.

Coldset printing.

Coldset printing offers fast, economical printing on uncoated paper for small to large print runs in broadsheet, tabloid or quarter-fold for high pagination and even thinner newspapers and commercial products.

Coldset printing is the process by which the ink dries gradually through evaporation and absorption into the paper. This type of printing is best suited to absorbent papers, such as uncoated newsprint, bond and book paper, and can accommodate high quality, heavier grammage.

Coldset is one of the more economical forms of printing, allowing multiple webs to run concurrently, while using less expensive uncoated paper and energy to produce the product. Presses are equipped with automatic register control, additional form rollers and segmented ink blades to ensure crispness and brightness. Electronic upgrades are regularly performed on presses to ensure continued performance at the highest levels of quality.

Our technology offers in-line stitching, gluing and trimming, folding, collating and inserting to deliver a finished product, off the press.

Our coldset facilities have an annual production of 205 000 tons collectively and can print up to one million copies per hour, with 800 tabloid pages printed simultaneously.