Tissue Products

About Tissue.


The Paarl Media Group acquired Correll Tissue in June 2014 with unconditional approval received from the Competition Commission. The entity is Paarl Tissue (Pty) Ltd trading as Correll Tissue.

Correll Tissue is the primary tissue paper manufacturing plant of Novus Holdings. The acquisition allows Novus Holdings to expand its manufacturing operations by harnessing the potential of waste paper that is produced by the printing operations, to make tissue paper.

Correll Tissue has a de-inking and hot disperger unit installed at their facilities. The disperger system is used for the treatment of waste paper by finely dispersing waxes as well as ink particles to below the visibility level. This process produces a homogenous fiber stock for the production of paper.

The plant is located in Phoenix Industrial Park, nearby the Airport and the port city of Durban. The plant’s capacity is sufficient to convert all output produced by the tissue mill.

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Capabilities and Equipment.

Paper Mill, De-inking and Hot Disperger Plant

  • Cater for the needs of consumers who seek high quality, branded products at competitive prices
  • Produce single and double-ply toilet rolls, single ply recycled toilet rolls, kitchen towels, serviettes and jumbo tissue wadding
  • Supplies parent reels to other tissue converters
  • Effective use of waste paper from other printing operations
  • Our paper mill utilises a 2.6m wide paper machine, has a capacity of 35 tons per day, and can function at speeds of 900m per minute
  • Independent tissue manufacturing plant with national distribution network
  • Capacity sufficient to convert all output produced by the tissue mill
  • Only independent mill in SA with de-inking and hot disperger plant
  • Supplier to leading retailers

Plant Specifications.

Warehouse and Distribution

  • Total of 22 000m²
  • 13 000m² under-roof

Stock Preparation

  • High Consistency Pulper
  • Capacity 45 tons per day
  • De-Inking Plant – Single Stage
  • Hot Disperger Plant
  • Vario Washing Plant

Water clarification and Effluent Treatment Plant

  • Krofta Supercell DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation) clarifier
  • Sedimentation Tanks 30m3 per hour
  • Pieralisi Decanter Centrifuge 6m3 per hour


Boilers – Gas Fired

  • John Thompson 4 ton per hour
  • Dank 4 ton per hour

Compressed Air

Atlas Copco

  • 2 x GA30
  • 1 x GA37
  • 1 x GA45

Paper Mill

  • Recard Tissue Fourdrinier Machine
  • Tosci Steel Yankee – 10Bar
  • Aerothermic Drying Hood – Gas Fired
  • 2.6m wide paper machine
  • Capacity 35 tons per day
  • Speed 700m per minute

Tissue Converting

  • BS Baosuo YD PL350 2Ply
  • 813 Perini Rewinder 2Ply
  • Delta Perini Rewinder 1Ply
  • Echo Perini Rewinder 1Ply


  • 16gsm to 30gsm